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Scope of Appointment

In case you haven’t noticed yet Medicare has rules. The Center for Medicare Services (Medicare) employees 6,300 people. The fact is, that anytime you bring 6,300 government workers together they are bound to come up with a rule or two. Or two thousand.  

One important (and pretty good rule!) is designed to police healthcare agents. It’s called a Scope of Appointment or as we agents who don’t want type or even say Scope of Appointment over and over again call it, an SOA.

An SOA is a consumer protection documents, designed by Medicare to protect you the consumer from unscrupulous agents. Sadly, there are one or two of those. It serves two important purposes. One, is to let you know that healthcare agents such as myself, DO NOT work directly to Medicare. This way consumers are not misled into thinking that agents are part of Medicare and therefore you should work for us if you like it or not. We are contracted with, and paid, by the carriers that offer Medicare plans and not by Medicare itself.

Secondly, the SOA is designed to limit agents to discussing only those products that you as the consumer want to discuss. Although myself, and the other agents with MedicareIGetIt only sell Medicare products (in order to do one thing really well) other agents can sell every kind of insurance under the sun from life, to auto and home, to pet and annuities. My personal favorite is that there are three insurance agencies in Florida that offer Alien Abduction Insurance. One wonders though, once abducted how do you collect?        

The SOA purpose is that if you the consumer only want to discuss Original Medicare, for instance, then an agent cannot push you into a discussion of Medicare Advantage. Or, try and sell you some other type of insurance they offer such as insuring your boat or keeping you safe from Martians.    

An agent must have you electronically sign the SOA before they can send you out a quote or do an enrollment. We have no choice. It is a MEDICARE RULE!

The SOA is easy to sign electronically on your part and I can send it by either text or email. You will receive an email or text from Do_Not_Reply_at_SunfireMatrix. Note that it could go into your junk mail. I will also give you a code to open the SOA.

I will fill out as much of the SOA form as is needed. Your part is simply to type in your name in the signiture box and click the GREEN save button.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The SOA form only has a two-day shelf life, less than half the shelf life of a gas station sandwich. If you do not get to it within the day window let me know and I will send you a new SOA to sign so that I can send you out a quote.

Here is what you can expect to see and the simple steps for you to take:




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