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My Services As An Agent

Here is the way I often explain to clients the role we play as healthcare agents. It’s like going to the movies. Medicare itself sells you the ticket to get into the movie theater. You usually pay $148.50 for the ticket which is for your Part B. Your Part A is almost always free. I know, for $148.50 a month it better be a pretty good movie that you are about to see. For most people it is!

Once you’re in the movie lobby with your ticket (Part A and B), we're the ones who then take over from there.  We run the concession stand where you often get lots of extra goodies like dental coverage, eyeglasses, gym memberships, and free over-the-counter products at no extra cost.  We help you choose the movie that’ll be the best choice for you, or in the case of Medicare: THE BEST PLAN.

There Are 6 Things Of Importance To Know About My Services:

1. WE  HAVE NO COST: Or at least, were free to you.  We are paid by the plan itself to help you out.

2. USING US DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR PLAN’S COST: Plans are required to post their premium rate with the insurance commission and cannot offer you a better deal if you enroll directly with them. Besides, for Medicare carriers, paying healthcare agents is a cost of doing business that they’re happy to pay. They know that someone like  us makes their job easier.

3. WE ARE INDEPENDENT:  We deal with all the major carriers so  we're able to evaluate which carrier has the best plan for you. When you deal with the carrier directly you are dealing with a captive agent who can only sell you that carrier’s plans. You miss out on knowing about all the other carrier’s plans, one of which might be better for you. Dealing with a carrier directly is like going out to dinner and only being given the menu page with fish. What if there is something you like more than fish?

4. OUR JOB IS TO EDUCATE YOU. Sure, we do enrollments, too. But first and foremost at MedicareIGetIt we see our job as being to educate you about what your Medicare options are, how the very complicated Medicare rules work, and finally, we help you to make the right Medicare plan choice for you. After all, there are two things at stake that are both kind of important: YOUR HEALTH and YOUR WALLET.

That is why we mailI the mini-book Medicare, I Get It. Ask us for a copy of the book which we will mail you for free if you don’t have one. That is also the purpose of this website. We at MedicareIGetIt enjoy explaining how Medicare works in our phone discussions but we also know that sometimes people grasp things better when they can read the details and absorb the information at their own pace.

We are also always available, by phone or email, to answer your questions, review your options, or just clarify anything about Medicare you don’t understand. You will find your MedicareIGetIt agent’s contact information on the homepage.

5.  WE ARE SKILLED AT RESEARCH. We do the research for you, such as researching the plans that have your doctors in-network. Most carriers have several plans and the doctors that matter to you could be in one plan but not the others. Another key area of research we can do for you is to research and formulate any drugs you take. You will then receive a quote from us.

Here is something else that is important too, “We speak Medicare fluently” so we can translate Medicare into English for you so that you understand in plain words what everything in the quote means.

6. WE ARE THERE AFTER YOUR ENROLLMENT. After you enroll in a plan our first job is to make sure your enrollment goes through the Medicare process smoothly. Occasionally there are issues and We are experts at solving them.

If you have questions about your plan after you enroll, We are there. If you want to look at other plan options in the future such as during the Annual Enrollment Period, We are there.

Please Reach Out To Us At Any Time

We look forward to assisting you with Medicare and to a long-lasting relationship. Above all, during these challenging times, “Stay safe!”

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