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How To Pick an MA Plan: Summary

Let’s say you are choosing between two cars that are identically priced. In the case of comparing Medicare Advantage plans that price may be zero. Car one, the Chevy, has the biggest engine with the most horsepower. Car two, the Buick, has a navigation system as standard equipment which the other cars do not. Car three, the Ford, is a van with lots of extra travel and grandchild room. Car four, the Mazda, is sporty and it’s a convertible.

Which one will you pick? If I ask several clients that question they will think deeply often smiling while picturing different ways they might enjoy the car of their choice. Each of us would of course make a different car selection. Or, as I also put it, there is a reason why Baskin and Robbins has 31 flavors, because we don’t all think alike.

When we buy a car we choose the features we value most. Picking a Medicare Advantage plan is also about choosing the features we value most. What does Plan One offer that grabs you attention? What does Plan Two offer that attracts you? In choosing between them, which matter more?

For many people two other considerations are key: Which plans their doctors are in-network with (think of this as being like sacrificing the convertible for more room), and which plans formulate their drugs the most inexpensively to them (kind of like which car has the best fuel economy).

We will send you a side-by-side comparison of up to three plans we think are the best three choices for you from understanding your situation and priorities. We will include your doctors and prescription drugs in the quote as well. 

We Are Happy To Send You a Quote With Our Recommendations.

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