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Medicare is incredibly complex. And let’s face it, anything the government is behind usually is. With both health and money at stake it is critical to know the answers to all your concerns and to be able to move forward into Medicare in the very best way for you.     

As the author of two Medicare mini-books, Medicare, I Get It and Medicare Made Easy it is my mission to make Medicare a great deal more understandable. There is only so much however you can explain in a book or website. You also need the personal touch with your many questions. This is where my associate Rena Rohrbach fits in.  

Rena is a highly skilled healthcare agent who specializes exclusively in Medicare. She knows the answers to your questions, makes the Medicare process simple, and guides you to your best Medicare plan choice.          

Over the years of helping numerous clients with their Medicare, I have heard every question that ever comes up about Medicare, many times. Common concerns which I hear daily such as, “Am I going to get penalties if I don’t start Medicare?” or, “What's the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage? Do I need both?” or “Is Part A the same as Plan A?” There are also a 1,000 other questions I get regularly about Medicare which this website will walk you through.

Rena greatly looks forward to hearing from you to discuss your questions, to help your Medicare process go smoothly and to assist you with your Medicare plan choices. Please feel free to reach out to Rena by phone or by email.

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